Chagall Stained Glass in Reims Cathedral

chagall-stained-glasschagall-cardMarc Chagall created stained glass windows for a chapel within the Notre-Dame Cathedral of Reims in 1974.  The Reims Cathedral is in France’s Champagne region and towers over the city.  It’s so tall we parked quite far away, thinking we were closer than we were.  As we walked toward the cathedral we saw many places to stop and try the region’s champagne, which we did after our visit.

I was inspired by Chagall’s windows to create a holiday card from my photo.  I used Photoshop to liquify and drag the colors and make a winter scene.


4 thoughts on “Chagall Stained Glass in Reims Cathedral

  1. scottsteruk

    This photo with the inspiration to use Photoshop to alter that and make that card was a brilliant idea and great work. Europe is so fascinating with all its history and culture. I see you are missing the UK, we was stationed there just over eight years, it’s great, visit if you haven’t.
    great photos and stories.


    1. barbevans Post author

      Thank you! It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the UK and I would love to go back. I really enjoyed visiting London – all the historic buildings and afternoon tea. You probably got to see quite a bit when you were stationed in the UK.

  2. Debra Gardner

    Out of all your posts this one really got me. The use of the glass in the ornaments was great use of the images. It has given me inspiration to create my own. Thank you.

    1. barbevans Post author

      Hi Debra, Thank you! I had a lot of fun making that card from the stained glass photo. It almost felt like painting. I hope you find time to get creative!


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