Welcome to my collection of favorite photographs of Europe.  These are all photographs I took while on vacation with my family.

You can visit my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/European-Photos.

Do you see my kids?  They’re in the black and white background image, on the right, behind the boat.



6 thoughts on “About

    1. barbevans Post author

      Hi Bev, Sorry, you have to have a pretty wide screen to see them both. Yes, they are below the bridge. Jonathan is to the right of Jennifer, and both behind the boat.

  1. puiyeecd

    Thank you for the tour. I’m going to FB you so your pictures come to me :-). You may want to consider opening a separate page when people follow a link so the blog is not lost when a link goes off your site (i.e. FB). We want an easy way to continue enjoying your blog :-).

    1. barbevans Post author

      Hi Patty,
      Thank you! I will look into your link suggestion. I haven’t been regularly updating Facebook though because I’m a little low key about that. If you would like, there is a “Follow on email” section over on the right side so you can get an email with new photo updates. Take care!


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