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View from the Louvre

louvre-pyramidNice view from the Louvre! What do you think about the glass pyramid?


Valentine, You Rock My World!

paris-rodin This bronze cast of Rodin’s “Le Baiser” (“The Kiss”) sculpture lies just outside the Musee de l’Orangerie in Paris.  The poet Rainer Maria Rilke wrote of this masterpiece: “One has the impression of seeing the delight of this kiss all over these bodies; it is like a sun which rises and its light is everywhere”.

St. Denis on the Notre Dame Cathedral

st-denisSt. Denis is the patron saint of Paris.  He’s the one holding his head.  He’s flanked by angels on the side of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.  According to Christian tradition, he was decapitated by  Romans around 250 CE, then walked for 6 miles, preaching a sermon the entire way.

A 6 mile walk is just what you’ll want to do when visiting Paris because there’s so much to see!